Don’t Fear Commitment- Find a Platform and Stick with It

26 July 2021

There are over one hundred different social media platforms out there. That’s a lot of opportunity to engage a very willing public. Millions of people world-wide are online, most with an average of eight social media accounts. While different social media appeals to different people, there is often an overlap which means your message, goods, and services could be front and center for your target audience each and every day.

If you’re new to social media for marketing purposes it may feel overwhelming trying to decide where to begin. If you use social media personally, you’re already on the right track. The key is finding a platform you like and sticking with it.

There’s More to Marketing Than Facebook Ads

Facebook was the leader in social media for a long time. At one time, Facebook ads were the newest way to target and get viewed by your audience and their ads remain some of the most affordable. Nowadays, you can reach your audience in other ways that don’t require spending money on ads. Content is king when it comes to social media. Creating the right content for the right audience on the right platform will transform your business.

How Do You Find the Right Social Media Platform?

There are some keys to finding the right social media platform for your business. Two primary things to consider are-

  • Where your target market hangs out
  • The personality of your business

These are great indicators for which social media platforms you want to focus on for the best traffic. Here’s why-

Know your audience– When you know who you are marketing to, it’s easier to find out where they are online. Though you may create a product or service that suits a wide variety of people, you need to narrow down that focus to an ideal customer. Once you know who they are, you can create a digital marketing strategy that attracts them.

Know your business– Your business has a personality. It could be quirky, on-trend, classic, or edgy. Knowing what your business personality is will help you gravitate to the right social media platform. Any business can shine on any platform when you marry the type of business with the correct platform that suits its personality.

Once you’ve determined where your customers are and what personality your business conveys. Pick the right social media platform and stick with it. Build a reputation, gather a following, and maximise the platform by using all the bells and whistles. If you commit for the long haul, you can experience explosive or steady growth, both of which will help your presence online.

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