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    Emma Barnes
    February 15, 2024

    I have been using formula one in Brentwood for about 8 years now and they are always so helpful. I just brought my car in as there were some warning lights on, Adam the manager was really kind and didn’t charge me as there wasn’t actually anything wrong, and he explained everything. They also pumped all my tyres up for me. Always extremely happy with the service at formula one and would definitely recommend! Really friendly and helpful team.

    Lizzie King
    March 12, 2024

    Dreadful - Scammers who take advantage of customers (especially women)! Took my car in for a “full” service and MOT, after an hour was contacted to say my car needed new brake pads and discs (a Ford Ka) which they quoted me £370 for. They stated if I didn’t get this work done my car would fail it’s MOT. Looked online and realised this was a rip off so disputed price. Had a quote for £180 elsewhere - as per their policy they supposedly match quotes but the man I spoke to became increasingly rude, attempting to intimidate me and refused to move below £330. I said I didn’t want anymore work done on my car (including the MOT as they’d said it would fail), they then lied and said they’d never said that, and told me I wasn’t allowed to pick my car up! Turned up, got the car and took it elsewhere for the MOT - it failed not only because of the brakes, but also because of suspension problems that were an advisory in my MOT in 2023, something that their “full” service failed to even detect despite their checklist online.Attempted to dispute all of this with regional manager for a refund who said there was nothing they could do because I didn’t have the ‘parts’ that the new garage had replaced to prove there was a fault (even though 1. it failed the MOT and 2. who comes home from a garage with old parts???). He also said they had no service notes on their system and tried to fob me off by saying he’d “get back to me” which I had to chase a week later. He stated he’d been “trying to get hold of me” (he hadn’t).Awful, awful experience and very bad faith business - they clearly trick people into booking with them through online deals and then rip them off with parts and barely do a “full” service. Currently taking up a claim under Section 75 to get my money back. I won’t be returning, they’re not even worth 1 star.

    Tracey Nightingale
    January 09, 2024

    Well I booked my MOT online for 10 days time. Only to be phoned on the day to say my car was too big for the ramp! Formula One's system needs to be better obviously. So now the MOT will be overdue as can't get another for a week

    Gavin Toussaint
    February 04, 2024

    MUST READ DISGRACEFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!Where do I start if I could I would not even give a starI took my car for an MOT and service at the Brentwood Autocentre with my car in perfect condition . I picked the car up approximately a few hours later. Upon driving my car back home I heard a noise coming from the engine. I waited to see in the morning if the noise still persisted, which it did. I then took the car back to the garage and explained the problem. The same mechanic was confused at the noise also and couldn't figure out the issue, I had a suspicion it was something to do with the oil during the service, I then mentioned this to the mechanic his response was that they use specialist oil which is recommended, I then showed him the oil that I use which was a Castrol brand they immediately ordered 3L of the brand that I use. The mechanic got my car up on the ramp and proceeded to drain the oil out that he originally put in and replaced with the oil that I use. Having placed my trust in the mechanic I did find it concerning the amount of oil he proceeded to put in. Once I started the car up the noise was considerably worse and was advised to leave the car there overnight, resulted in me losing out on time and money. I was told I would receive a phone call which never came so I went down to the garage the next day, I was told that the problem could not be rectified by the manager but said if I take the car to an Audi specialist the company would compensate the costs, again time and money lost. Having got my car back as soon as I left to join the A12 I noticed hearing a scraping noise I immediately pulled over and looked under the car the undertray was hanging off and scraping on the ground from when the mechanic done the oil change. I took the car back immediately they could not locate the bolts that was originally removed from my car and proceeded to use cable ties to secure it. Which in my opinion is unacceptable. I then took my car to an Audi specialist who confirmed amongst many other issues with the service done that there was an issue with the oil used. Having relayed this information back to head office at Formula one they took no accountability and refused to pay the cost from the Audi specialist and even proceeded to pass the buck on to me in regards to the oil that I use saying that caused the issue. Having gone back and forth with this Formula One offered to compensate me for the Service but not for what I had to pay to get the car back from the Audi specialist, which I refused.I then took this further at the dissatisfaction that this company didn't want to take accountability and proceeded with taking this to County Court and enforcement. which cost me time and money.I am happy to say after 8 months of frustration and headache Formula one was forced to pay for damages and compensation and the case is now closed.I will no longer be using this company for an MOT and Service and would strongly advise anyone to avoid at all costs as the main issue for me was the taking of no accountability which ultimately worked against them and cost more.

    March 05, 2024

    Got my tyre replaced through Asda Tyres. All was fine with slight time discrepancy. Email confirmation from Asda tyres states the booking is for 9.30-10.30am and states: "Please ensure you arrive promptly before the start of your time slot (e.g. 8.30-9.30 please arrive at or before 8.30)". When I got there I was told the booking is for 10.30am. So a misunderstanding between the two companies about the time slot means. Other than having to wait, it was a good service.

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