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    Do you suffer from heel pain waking up in the mornings, Morton's neuroma, metatarsalgia, big toe joint pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, shin pain, knee pain walking down stairs, groin strain, iliotibial band friction syndrome, an achy hip or a stiff lower back pain?

    Do you suffer from painful ingrown toenails or verrucas? Are you training for a marathon or a 5-10km fun run/ park run? Do you experience a numbness, burning, tingly, sharp, stabbing pains in your feet, legs or back?

    Parents, does your child trip over, appear clumsy, wants to be carried, walks into you when they are walking beside you or sound heavy footed?

    Then it may be due to their flat/ low arched feet! Call today

    scott bird
    March 03, 2024

    Having sufferer back pain for years and exhausted every possible route to relief including monthly visits to a chiropractor. A friend recommended that i gave Neil at Kinetic Podiatry Clinic a call. After just 3 visits and some special insoles that are unique to my needs, my life has change. I am walking better, straighter and I am out of pain. I would highly recommend to anyone suffering lower back pain.

    Stephen Webb
    November 19, 2023

    I was advised to see a Podiatrist following an appointment with my GP to discuss ongoing foot and hip pain. I found Kinetic Podiatry locally and called to make an appointment. I met Neil and immediately felt at ease with him and was able to discuss my concerns and symptoms with him. Following an examination Neil confirmed that I have flat feet and he made me a pair of temporary insoles to replace the standard ones in my shoes. After the initial “running in “ period the insoles made a significant reduction to the foot pain I was suffering and greatly improved my mobility. I met again with Neil to discuss the options I had for a more permanent solution to my flat feet. I decided to have my feet scanned and have a pair of custom fit insoles made. Since I have had my new custom insoles I have been able to walk without pain and my mobility has vastly improved. I retired a couple of years ago and the thought of losing my mobility scared me. Neil has fixed my feet and associated pain and I will be eternally grateful, thank you very much Neil. Following my treatment with Neil other members of my family have benefitted from his skill and knowledge.

    Lucy Coleman
    November 03, 2023

    After my young daughter was turned away by our GP, I felt at a complete loss at how to treat her very large and very painful verruca. I came across Neil and he is, in a word, fantastic! My daughter was very nervous at the thought of treatment but Neil put her at ease with his calm and friendly nature and we noticed an improvement almost instantly to the point where now after only a couple of treatments her toes are completely back to normal and pain free. I would definitely recommend Neil to any parents out there whose little ones are struggling with verrucas (don’t waste your time on over the counter treatments!).

    Steve Boston
    July 26, 2023

    Let me start by giving a brief history of my problem. It started about 18 months ago, first I was getting back ache after walking and sleeping, then the bottom of my feet were very sore and aching. I went to see a local podiatrist who diagnosed plantar fascists, they recommended buying some insoles which i did, but it didn't seem to help. I then was recommended to Neil and booked a consultation. On that first visit he thoroughly examined my feet and videoed me walking, I left there with some insoles that he custom made for me and although they were a bit uncomfortable at first, after a week or so I found that my symptoms had improved. On my 2 week review with Neil he made me another pair of insoles slightly different to the 1st pair, again they were a bit uncomfortable for a week but I now find I rarely get back pain and my feet are much better now. The 2nd pair of insoles he made for me will last about 2 years so hopefully it will improve even more. If you suffer from similar symptoms to mine I would highly recommend a visit to Neil.

    Steven Roach
    January 12, 2021

    Big thank you to Neil!!I've been pounding the streets for the last year walking 10k a day for exercise and raising money forcharity!! I always suffered from lower back, hip and knee problems which were a real killer!!I went to see Neil who scanned my feet and made me some amazing orthotics /custom made insoles!! Completely changed my life, pretty much pain free now, absolutely amazing!!Lovely bloke too!! If you've got any foot, ankle, knee, hip, back pains its well worth going to see him. (He's very thorough with covid safe restrictions 👍)

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    Kinetic Podiatry Clinic Sunny Smiles Dentists, 2nd floor, 27 Hutton Rd, Shenfield, Brentwood CM15 8JU, UK

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