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    The Mind Zone was created to give golf enthusiasts, whether they are professionals, amateurs, club or society golfers or just simply playing for fun... the EDGE!

    Our coaching and workshops are based on many proven methods and of course our own playing and training experiences. Group sessions or 1-2-1, the sessions will prove advantageous to golfers of ANY ability.

    The benefits of golf are numerous, yet it is a game of consequence that no one has ever TRULY mastered yet you can ALWAYS improve.

    Our mind coaching sessions, held online (during Covid times) or at a golf club near you will allow you to focus better which means those ‘tired’ shots become less frequent. Develop a bespoke process so that you can play with confidence ensuring poor shots are minimised and all of this WITHOUT changing your current swing!

    Additionally, if you are a Golf Club Professional or Manager, why not put on a Mind Zone evening for your members? It really is very simple, ask us how.

    The Mind Zone

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    Brentwood, UK

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