It’s Not Just About the Product, People Want to Have Fun!

9 August 2021

Ever hear of the company Purple? If you live in the UK then it’s unlikely. They make mattresses, but they are famous for their commercials. Purple created funny commercials that captured the hearts of everyone watching leading to skyrocketing sales. Among all the companies making mattresses, Purple was taking the lead without the product being center stage. That’s because Purple understood it’s not just about the product, people want to have fun.

Using humour is a great way to capture the hearts of your audience. Having something unique to distract people always gives you a leg up against the competition. It doesn’t matter what you are selling if you sell it in a fun and unique way. Here are some examples of great social media marketing-

Pop-Tarts:- Pop-Tarts are timeless and while you’ve probably been eating them since you were a child, they are a company whose target audience is younger. That means they are using a social media strategy to talk to a younger generation. Primarily on Twitter, Pop-Tarts tends to use sarcasm and a savvy tone to keep things funny, relevant, and trendy. Other food companies like KFC and Wendy’s use this method as well.

Wayfair:- This company sells home goods. Their best use of social media includes Instagram. They use imagery of well-designed living spaces to inspire and educate about home décor and how to decorate. This helps their ideal customer get excited about transforming their own spaces and looking to Wayfair for their purchases.

Starbucks:- Starbucks uses a variety of platforms to connect with their target audience. Since their audience is diverse, they use a diverse approach. Not only do they have a main presence online, many of their stores have Instagram accounts which creates personal relationships with the local customers. Starbucks is also very interactive with their social media, often replying directly to people commenting or posting which increases engagement.

Dove:- While Dove soap isn’t the healthiest product on the shelves, their campaigns are focused on women’s healthy body image. This touches an important place in the marketplace. Showing their audiences their awareness of the concerns young girls and women face makes them endearing to their fans and wins people over, even if their product isn’t the best quality.

Audiences want to be entertained. Commercials and ads aren’t what they used to be. Integrating products into a fun and interactive experience can create new sales, customer loyalty and repeat sales.

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