Three Things Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Consider Before Starting

7 October 2020

People jump into entrepreneurialism for a variety of reasons. They may have actively sought to start their own venture or circumstances may have pushed them into it. Whether becoming an entrepreneur is a calculated decision or a mad scramble to replace lost income, there are universal experiences entrepreneurs go through.

Most people starting an entrepreneurial venture are focused on the goods or services they intend to sell. That makes perfect sense, why else would you go into business if it weren’t for the goods and services you plan to offer? Focusing on the goods and services is an excellent place to start, but there are things to consider before starting that matter just as much.

Three key things to consider before you start your business

  1. It’s not just about the product or service
  2. Having a plan makes a difference
  3. It might take longer than you thought

It’s not just about the product or service- Entrepreneurs are great at what they do or make. Their goods and services are their money-maker. That would be great if all they needed to succeed were goods and services. Being an entrepreneur is more than what you sell, it’s also how you sell it, how you manage your on and off-duty life, and a list of other unexpected things. It’s important to consider as many of the aspects of business ownership while developing a game plan. Thinking things through can lessen the learning curve.

Having a plan makes a difference- Taking the time to build a mission and vision statement can make a difference in the focus and success of your business. You might be making stickers but detailing out why you are making stickers and what steps you want to take to make certain your stickers are the best in the marketplace matters. These types of details help you base a lot of important decisions and will help you stay on track when things feel overwhelming and uncertain down the road.

It might take longer than you think- It’s important to consider the fact that it might take longer than you thought to get things off the ground or turn a profit. It’s important to stay the fight and commit to facing adversity, going the extra mile, hanging in there, and doing what it takes to see your venture through. There are no guarantees in entrepreneurialism, but there are plenty of rewards for those who stick with it.

There’s not much better than getting the entrepreneurial bug. The desire to go on your own and make great things happen! Being focused on your goods and services is important, but not more important than pre-planning and digging deep to commit to the things coming that you didn’t expect. Create a mission and vision and stay focused on your goals so you can make your dreams come true.

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