Top Tips for Managing an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

21 October 2020

There are many, many advantages to becoming an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial lifestyle is different than a traditional 9-5, Monday through Friday, weekends and holiday’s off, sort of life. Entrepreneurial life can be designed however you choose which makes it fascinating and fun but can also create chaos if it’s not managed properly.

One of the key reasons people choose entrepreneurialism is the freedom they hope to have. A lot of people imagine sleeping in, working when they want, and not having anyone breathing down their necks to get their work done. While those are benefits, they can also be really big deficits too.

Working for other people creates a framework that determines everyday life. Depending on the expectations of the employer, employees make decisions to structure their day and fit all of their responsibilities in. Without an employer, structure evaporates. It’s very important to create a structure that helps entrepreneurs manage their lifestyle, so it remains free from stress and conflict.

Here are some Top Tips to help manage an entrepreneurial lifestyle

Top Tip– Create a schedule that suits your life: One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is living life on your own terms. Though you don’t have a boss, so to speak, you do have important obligations and customers who are essentially taking the place of your employer. It’s important to prioritise your workload so you don’t fall behind, get off track, or lose traction. Create and stick to a schedule that allows you the freedom you desire but also holds you accountable to what needs to happen for your business.

Top Tip– Keep the main thing, the main thing: When you are working from home or running an entrepreneurial business on and off-duty life can get intertwined. To the best of your ability, keep the focus where it needs to be at any given moment. If you are working, keep your thoughts, actions, and behaviors work related. When you unplug from work, focus on family and recreation so you can refresh and invigorate yourself for going back to work. Keep the main thing, the main thing so you don’t become overwhelmed and burned out.

Top Tip– Stop trying to do it all: There comes a time when you can’t do it all. As an entrepreneur it’s important to know when to delegate, hire someone, or move things off your plate. It might mean hiring someone to help with household chores or running errands, so you have more time and energy to focus on work. It could also mean hiring help with your business, so you have more time to spend at home—or a combination of both!

The entrepreneurial lifestyle might feel like a child being let loose in a candy shop in the beginning. Not having structure or someone to answer to can feel unbridled and free, but it’s important to manage your lifestyle or you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and stressed. Follow these top tips to make certain you are managing your life rather than it managing you.

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