You’re Not Alone, Even When You’re a One Man Show

28 October 2020

Initially, becoming an entrepreneur can feel very isolating. Generally, taking the leap into a self-made business can feel like a solo journey and a lot of times no one truly understands the metamorphosis you’re going through. In the beginning, it can feel like you’re a one man – or woman, show.

If you are breaking into new territory, creating something new and innovative, or carving out a name for your goods and services, it can feel like you’re walking the path alone. This sense of isolation can feel overwhelming and might cause some depression. The truth is you are not alone! There are plenty of resources and a tribe of other entrepreneurs waiting to connect and support you.

Service organisations love entrepreneurs

You might be delivering a service or selling a product that is one of a kind in your area, but there are other business owners that you can connect with on a personal or professional level. Many service organisations are made up of business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a tribe. Though your business may be unrelated to theirs, the common thread of being a business owner is universal.

Clubs and associations love entrepreneurs

Regardless of what you are selling, there is likely an association, club or group that you can join. This can be virtual or brick and mortar. Finding associations and becoming part of their organisation can add to your credibility, offer resources, and crowd source support for your ventures. Research appropriate associations that you can join and enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

Create a tribe of your own

If you feel isolated and truly want to connect, it might be a great opportunity to create your own tribe. Resources like can be an excellent way to create and host specialised groups. Whether your group is directly related to the goods and services you provide or tied to a concept, activity, or common interest, you can determine the parameters and build a like-minded tribe to engage with.

Being an entrepreneur can feel isolating, but you aren’t alone. There’s a world full of people experiencing the same feelings as you and they are waiting connect. Find a tribe, a group, or a posse. If you can’t find one, create one! There’s no reason to face life alone when there are plenty of ways to connect with other entrepreneurs.


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