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About Brentwood Local Business Guide

This community project was started with the intention of supporting local Brentwood businesses.

The initial prompt stemmed from the government lock down that was introduced to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Brentwood businesses were quick to react, particularly those that were providing food. They adapted quickly and started to offer delivery and pick-up options. I had more than my fair share of wonderful meals delivered by the Sunday Roast Kitchen.

I believe that one of the biggest issues that our businesses faced as they adapted their models was letting their customers know what they were doing.

The Brentwood Business Partnership came to the rescue, setting up a Facebook group, ‘Brentwood Open’ and posting updates about the various businesses that were still able to offer their services.

I’ve come at this from a different angle. Not everyone is on Facebook so my plan was for an online resource that was accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

So here we are with the Brentwood Local Business Guide, a directory listing that any business within Brentwood and the surrounding areas can list their business in and keep their customers up-to-date as circumstances change.

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