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Meet Stacy Bastian – Personal Trainer, Mother, and Owner of Babes, Bumps n Babies Fitness

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For the past 2 years Stacy Bastian has been working with women in all stages of life, helping them to take back their fitness while building support networks of like-minded women who all look to build each other up.

What makes Babes, Bumps n Babies Fitness different is that no woman ever has to feel excluded. Everyone is welcome and the fitness plans can be adapted to anyone, from ladies in their 20s with babies only a couple of months old, to Stacy’s very own next-door neighbour who at 54 is super strong, very fit, and gives the younger members a run for their money.

Stacy is a wife and mother of two who’s runs small group, 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 fitness classes in Brentwood for women looking to improve their fitness while caring for their children. She understands what it’s like to move to a new area and not have any family support, so provides a space for women to bring their babies with them, workout around their own schedules and take advantage not just of first class personal training, but the mental health support, nights out, true friendships with other women and the experience of other mums, all looking to build a strong community of women who are passionate about fitness – no excuses.

We sat down with Stacy for a quick interview (with the occasional cameo from her adorably chatty little girl).

The Why:
Through her experiences as a teacher, nanny and personal trainer Stacy noticed a huge flaw in the local personal fitness environment; not one venue in Brentwood offered childcare services included under membership fees, the ones that even had a creche charged extra, a huge barrier for new mums who wanted to work out and build their fitness.

The How:
Having always loved fitness since her teens, Stacy dipped in and out of various fitness classes while pursuing her career in childcare. After leaving school young she pushed herself to sit the relevant exams and moved to London, realising her passion for the childcare industry she pushed herself to complete a university degree while working full time as a nanny.

Upon completing her degree, she took a year to travel before coming to work in a London primary school specialising in early years education. Even then she remembers loving introducing the kids to fitness, though it wasn’t till after her first child (and while working three days a week) that Stacy decided to seize the moment and study levels 2 and 3 personal training, and then pre- and post-natal fitness.

With lockdown preventing her from going to the gym, her studies turned her into the client and the trainer all at once, and while applying for teaching roles she had a realisation – this was the opportunity to do what she always wanted, to combine her experience and passion for teaching and training into a business that could provide what was missing for women in her area. As Stacy herself describes it, she ‘ran with it’ and Babes, Bumps and Babies Fitness was born.

Tips for choosing a personal trainer:
The most important factor for Stacy when choosing a personal trainer is to find someone who understands you as an individual with your own goals. So many mums have told her in the past that the last thing they want after an especially trying night with a toddler is to come into a training session to be shouted at by someone who just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a parent. That’s why fitness programs like this need to exist, only other parents really know what it’s like to be pregnant and have a child.

Babes, Bumps n Babies Fitness is more than just a business, it’s personal. It’s somewhere women can go to express themselves, even if they’ve had terrible sleep and walk in feeling awful. Stacy listens and adapts the fitness plans to the individual on the day and makes it so everyone can walk out feeling great.

Stacy’s advice for anyone considering personal fitness in the future:
Don’t think you’re not strong enough to take on a challenge, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. Doing anything new is daunting but fear fades. Don’t put yourself in a position where you think you can’t do anything – you can.

For those of you who are interested in trying out Babes, Bumps and Babies Fitness for yourself, the first class is free! Discounts are also available if you buy 10 classes in advance, with no time limit as to when you need to use those classes.

Classes can be booked through Stacy’s website.



Stacy’s classes are the best! I never enjoyed exercise until I started them and the kids love it too. It doesn’t feel like a workout because the class is so friendly, it’s like a get together with friends. Thank you Stace xxx
Sam Gilbert

I love these classes. Stacy makes sure there is something different every time which keeps it really interesting. All the women who come along are so friendly and encouraging, it’s a great way to fit exercise into my week. Thanks!

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